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Nevada Militia
Jade Helm or JH 15

Jade Helm will take place from July to September 2015 across seven states Colorado, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, California and Nevada. Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) will not train in California or Nevada.

Preppers, survivalist, patriots, and militias are in an uproar because the drill is simulated martial law and troops will be working undercover blending into the communities.

Project Angel Thunder is the war games by elite military rescue groups in Arizona and New Mexico with over 1,700 troops that participate yearly. War games are being conducted all over America all the time and on 911 5 games were going on in New York including a simulated plane crash into the world trade center. Another coincident is the huge drill that was being done in Boston on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing.

I don’t have a problem with training the troops and law enforcement or conducting drills with crises actors and so on but anyone that has knowledge of these drills knows they fall far short of professional. Attend any prepper event in the world and people will tell you they plan to hunt and fish for food if things get bad. Now the military have to be weighed into the equation. If they cut off anyone’s ability to survive off the land then people have no alternative but to surrender to their protocol.

General Dutton of the Phoenix Militia says this puts the state militias at a major disadvantage in many ways but mostly by having troops training in our backyards. This is where we go fishing, hiking, camping and hunting to have troops up there with no benefit from the resources at hand and whose primary goal is to kill or disrupt civilian lives is mind boggling. Even though these are just drills, troops will become familiar with off road resources which gives them the tactical advantage to have more control over the people.
Another reason I’m a bit leery of the training but not the mission involved is the whole clandestine aspect of the training. Are we supposed to call 911 every time we see a person climb a telephone pole or cell tower now? The police in big cities are already behind 8 or 9 calls and reporting anything suspicious could overwhelm the city’s police resources. On the other hand if you don’t do it your town or city may be up for public humiliation in the news and could affect property values says Dutton.

The reports are out. on the Boston Bombing police action that followed. National Guard members with crucial equipment were turned back by law enforcement officers. ‘Trigger Happy’ officers fired on the boat at the end putting police officers in a dangerous crossfire